1. Promotes permaculture/Sustainable Ecological Agricultural practices in schools and communities in Kenya to enhance their food, Nutrition and income security using environmental friendly technologies.
  2. Promotes Integrated Land Use Design (ILUD), an inclusive and participatory transformative step by step development process which school communities can use to implement Permaculture, to transform people’s minds, develop whole school designed landscape with food forest, to demonstrate agro – ecology in their school for the benefit of whole community hence contributing towards the building of community resilience.
  3. Builds the capacity of members to enhance their knowledge and skills in permaculture principles and practices to respond appropriately to community needs.
  4. Promotes learning among members through sharing of information on development experiences, innovations, and best practices.
  5. Increase the opportunities for young people in and out of schools to participate in agricultural and environmental conservation activities in schools.
  6. Strengthens linkages and collaboration through action learning among and members.
  7. Lobbies (directly) for change and inclusion of agriculture activities in the school programmes.
  8. Facilitate the establishment of Permaculture Model schools in all regions across the country to become centres for learning among other schools and communities.
  9. Promotes local Seed Security and hence food security among farming communities.
  10. Promotes the mainstreaming of the Gender and HIV / AIDS in Agriculture Development Programme.

Why Work with School Communities