SCOPE Kenya is a capacity building and networking organization that was established in 2014. SCOPE Kenya works with school communities to empower young people and transform degraded school lands into food forests through agro-ecology/permaculture practices.

It was started to strengthen and connect the ongoing initiatives of working with schools on sustainable land use and production of nutritious food. All the members of SCOPE Kenya share a common vision of making schools across Kenya good learning examples of teacher-parent-student collaboration towards sustainable land use which would lead to significant improvements in the environment, food security, and livelihoods in the surrounding communities.

Entire school grounds are designed by the stakeholders as well as the implementation of permaculture/sustainable ecological agricultural activities. This addresses social, economic and environmental community needs. This has proved to be a very powerful and effective development tool that enhances inclusiveness, participation, ownership, and sustainability of the initiated projects in schools and at the community level.

SCOPE also takes part in capacity building activities with the school communities which enable them to transform their degraded school land into productive landscapes that have supported a diverse variety of food crops. Capacity building occurs during workshops where the stakeholders or representatives of the school communities are thoroughly trained on the Integrated Land Use Design (ILUD) approach that is used to enhance the participation of communities in sustainable land use, in turn supporting community development.

To transform schools into dynamic learning centres of sustainable land use in support of holistic community development.

To strengthen participation of young people in matters related to sustainable land use and management for enhanced food and nutrition security, increased biodiversity protection, climate resilience, and self-reliance through whole school Integrated Land Use Design (ILUD) approach.

  1. Commitment to the vision and mission
  2. Cooperation rather than competition
  3. Sharing of information, approaches, innovations, challenges and lessons.
  4. Exercising honesty, openness, accountability and transparency.
  5. Identifying opportunities to lobby and advocate towards our purpose
  6. Respecting our diversity in approaches and entry points
  7. Integrating plans of the platform into our organizational programmes

This is an advisory/governance body of SCOPE Kenya at the Country level. SCOPE Kenya has a National Board of 6 including the National Coordinator, who is the Secretary to the Board and is also a non-voting member.

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