We support schools to design and transform degraded land into productive food forests through permaculture/agro ecology through:

  1. Promoting permaculture through a whole school development approach.
  2. Empowering school communities (teachers, parents & pupils) through onsite trainings and organized workshops.
  3. Strengthening capacity of filed staff from member organisations through information sharing on good practices, field visits (look and learn) and networking.
  4. Promoting restoration, multiplication and sharing of local seeds.
  5. Advocate for the inclusion of agriculture and environmental conservation in school programmes.


  1. To address challenges of hunger, poverty and environmental degradation.
  2. To nurture a generation of young people who have the capacity to use local resources to produce healthy food, generate income and protect nature.
  3. To influence the mindset change towards agriculture and environmental conservation among young people.
  4. To create a conducive environment for intergenerational learning.
  5. To give young people an opportunity to participate in decision making and innovation towards development issues, climate change and leadership.
  6. To mentor the youth and give them empowerment.